Court Craft can provide a number of different fencing designs starting from a basic galvanised chain mesh fence and ranging through PVC coated systems through to retractable fabric nets.

All fences are supplied with a single gate as standard however double gates are available on request. Top and bottom fence rails are also popular and add not only to the aesthetics of the fence but also provide additional stability and rigidity to the structure.

Fences are generally installed at a standard 3.6 m height, but can also be raked down in the centre or have a chamfered corner design rather than a straight rectangular finish. Retractable nets are popular when courts are built in front of open spaces, and these nets can be simply drawn aside when not in use to provide unencumbered views.

Depending on council requirements, many sports facilities can be lit to allow night time use. This includes large scale fields such as soccer, hockey or rugby fields right through to tennis and netball courts.

Court Craft is highly experienced in the installation of sports lighting and can offer both floodlight designs, and environmental light spill controlled systems. Environmental light spill control systems are becoming a standard requirement for many courts in residential areas, as their design limits the amounts of light beamed out of the confines of the courts, and into neighbours properties.

Many councils stipulate that these designs are required for any facility in residential areas, other systems which are harder to control are banned. Court Craft can advise which systems are the most appropriate for your facility, and price on your requirements.