About Us

Court Craft Company Profile

Telstra Stadium public area surfacesCourt Craft was formed in 1977 and was taken over by the present management in 1983. We operate throughout NSW. We specialise in the construction, design and maintenance of sport and recreational facilities plus general structural landscaping and civil construction.

We have been a supplier for school ground construction and maintenance for a number of years directly to schools, DET, DOC and recently to Spotless Management. Court Craft carries out all aspects of a project from planning, Council submissions, construction of facilities and amenities, lighting systems, landscaping, maintenance etc.

Generally we supply the following services:

  • Sporting facility construction and maintenance
  • Landscaping and fencing
  • Asphalt and concrete services for car parks, pathways, courtyards etc.
  • Supply and installation of sporting equipment

Court Craft prides it self on customer relations and is based on a philosophy of service to all our clients through a highly competent and well trained work force who have many years of experience in the construction of sporting facilities and general landscaping. The stability of our workforce, the experience and supervision of senior management and the careful selection of suppliers allow us to maintain a consistent, professional standard of construction and surfacing on all projects.